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Front panels

Front panel printing with Graffiti

Front panels are made of self-adhesive materials that stand out through their high durability. This is especially vital, as this component is the interface for everyday appliances or industrial devices. A front panel is the first element that a user encounters. That is why high-quality print and durable materials are so crucial.


Front panel printing requires precision due to the utility functions to be played by this element of electronic devices and electrotech appliances. It may act as a load-bearing, a structural or protective element. Front panels consist of a foil front and a supporting plate. They are usually made of polycarbonate, aluminum or laminates with a smooth structure. Front panels printing should stand out with esthetics matching the modern design of consumer electronics and household appliances.


Front panels contain, among others, descriptions of sockets and buttons. Therefore we try our best to provide elements that will first and foremost stand out due to their precision and legibility. Special front panel printing techniques allow to protect against mechanical damage and wear. We also allow for the use of enrichment elements, as well as those that are essential in terms of utility.


If you decide to have your front panels printed with Graffiti, we will add the necessary finishing elements, cutouts and transparent button slots.

We also provide:
  • durable materials that meet the requirements defined in the applicable standards,
  • high-quality front panel printing that stands out due to its modern design and esthetics,
  • easy to install front plates with adhesive films.

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