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Printing labels and markings

Product labels

Product label with essential product-identifying information. Contains, among others: manufacturer and product name, logo, ingredients, production and/or expiry date, barcode. We offer color printing or print descriptive labels.

Energy labels

Energy labels are mandatory EU marking on all electrical appliances. The purpose is to educate the clients about the electricity consumption of a product. Energy labels bear special markings on an “A to G” scale. Your order from Graffiti brings you understandable, simple, readable and consistent marking.

Info labels

Info labels must first of all be readable and clearly present the data. The benefit they offer is simple application by sticking, hanging or sewing in.  Our info labels are compatible with various surfaces and irregular-shaped products. They also have a very convenient adhesive layer.

Marking of pallets and containers

Maintaining good order is crucial in complex warehouses, document archives and for logistic companies. Markings placed on pallets and containers will allow to keep order and quickly find the necessary items on numerous racks. They may be self-adhesive stickers with a unique number, also useful for reusable packaging.

Marking of shelves and racks

Markings on shelves and racks will assist you in keeping a warehouse space well-ordered. They will easily allow you to find the location of a specific product. Proper layout will allow for problem-free scanning bar codes. Shelves and racks are marked with easily applied, self-adhesive stickers.

Marketing labels

The main purpose of marketing labels is to provide crucial information and encourage to choose a specific product. That is why we give you the opportunity to choose any shape, color or additional elements. We’ll design high-quality marketing labels that stand out with their durability and readability.

Logistic labels

The purpose of logistic labels is to provide information that allow easy identification of goods in the international market. For this reason, they contain such information as product identification, manufacturer identification, distributor identification and other necessary information. Logistic labels from Graffiti ensure compliance with the EAN standardization.

Warning labels

Warning labels have a broad range of applications. For this reason, our offer includes dedicated markings for transportation industry, retail sales and administration. We also offer markings compliant with OHS standards. We print warning labels for devices, machines and technical equipment.

Inventory labels

Inventory labels are used to mark fixed assets. They will help you when you need to secure assets and perform periodical inventory. Inventory labels are used in various sectors, such as the industry, construction and administration. We’ll print inventory labels that will help you manage the actual state of material and financial assets.

Address labels

Companies and organizations who face the challenge of sending many shipments in a short time may introduce address labels. Such labels facilitate repetitive work performed by employees of administration or logistic companies. Our address labels will help you make work more efficient and maintain high esthetic standards of the correspondence.

Quality markings

Quality markings should be placed on every product in the form of a dedicated symbol. This allows consumers to make informed decisions while shopping and choose the best available solution. Quality markings constitute a part of an international system imposed by the European Commission Regulation No. 1400/2002. Our offer includes products meeting all the legal standards.

OHS markings

All workplaces must be provided with markings concerning occupational health and safety. Our offer includes standardized warning and information signs and plates, as required by the applicable legal standards. These include fire safety and evacuation route markings and OHS instructions.

Machine and device markings

Machine and device markings have a broad range of applications in various industries. They can be found in manufacturing halls, warehouses and offices. They come in different shapes and sizes. Machine and device markings are selected based on the company’s individual needs. However, each of them needs to be readable and resistant to damage. Our offer includes solutions meeting these criteria.

More informations

Industry label printing is currently a big challenge due to the dynamically developing world economy. It includes not only the standard bar code, but also numerous other components that require high-quality, precise printing technique and cutting. Self-adhesive and paper label printing are offered primarily to industrial companies.


We specialize in plastics printing, as well as manufacturing esthetic components for the household appliances, consumer electronics and automotive industries. Graffiti is not only a self-adhesive or paper label printing shop, but primarily it offers comprehensive screen printing services for industrial companies.

We are experts in screen printing and we provide comprehensive services for self-adhesive industrial label printing. We know the requirements of the industries that we cooperate with on a daily basis. Our expertise in the field of the applicable regulations and standards allows us to provide top-quality printed industrial labels.


You can be confident that our products will meet the requirements of your project. We are experts in the household appliances, consumer electronics and automotive industries, but we also print self-adhesive labels and markings for companies working in the following fields:


  • cosmetics manufacturing,
  • retail sales,
  • chemistry and diagnostic laboratories,
  • logistics and freight forwarding.


We print industrial labels not only for products but also for office equipment, production halls or warehouses. Additionally, we provide self-adhesive labels that are perfect at every stage of the manufacturing process. We print high-quality markings for racks, containers or workstations.

Our printing shop provides products designed for multiple functions, including self-adhesive labels, paper labels and markings. Each meets the applicable requirements, while a modern machinery park helps us provide the highest-quality printing. Industrial labels mostly perform an informative role, therefore we pay attention mostly to legibility of self-adhesive and paper labels, their durability and resistance to damage.


Our activities are performed by a team of qualified specialists with the necessary expertise and skills in screen printing. When this is combined with a modern machinery park, we receive the highest quality and precision, allowing us to meet our clients’ expectations. Printing your self-adhesive labels with Graffiti is a guarantee of timely delivery and manufacturing continuity. What is important is that the qualifications are all warranted by multiple certificates.

Our printing shop, which prints self-adhesive labels, paper labels and other markings, offers a wide range of products, including not only industrial prints, but also markings and elements used for labeling. You will find the most important information about the available products below:


  • Product labels contain basic information about the product such as: manufacturer, logo, bar code or production date. We offer label printing directly on a product or packaging.
  • Marketing labels provide vital information in an attractive manner for the potential customer. Our self-adhesive printing shop delivers products that do not leave adhesive marks once peeled off.
  • Energy labels inform about a certain product’s power consumption. This allows customers to compare several devices and select the most advantageous solution.
  • Self-adhesive label printing is necessary also along the entire supply chain. Self-adhesive labels allow to identify products, intermediate products or components at the manufacturing or transportation stage. Identification labels help improve the quality of processes that take place in a company and the organization of customer complaint service activities.
  • Information labels provide the most important information on usage, installation or failure handling. Our industrial self-adhesive labels printing shop offers color text, graphic or pictogram printing, customized for the specific industry. We provide industrial label printing in the form of inserts, staples or self-adhesive labels.
  • Pallet and container markings work well with reusable objects in manufacturing and logistics companies. We print self-adhesive and paper labels with bar codes or 2D codes. These products are additionally resistant to external factors.
  • Marking of shelves and racks can effectively help manage a warehouse. They can be attached permanently or temporarily. Our offer includes self-adhesive labels or paper tag printing.
  • Logistics labels contain data that allows for the identification of shipments and logistics units. We print paper and plastic film labels.
  • Warning labels are to limit the risk related to inappropriate use.
  • Self-adhesive label printing also includes inventory labels used for marking fixed assets. It allows for more efficient data collection when taking inventory.
  • Address labels will prove useful in administration and offices. They will help enhance the parcel, shipment and letter addressing process.
  • Quality markings will prove useful in the quality control process. They are available in three colors: red, yellow and green.
  • OHS markings inform about risks and safety regulations in the public space. They appear on devices, as well as packages containing hazardous substances. They appear as warning, mandatory and prohibition signs.
  • Machine and device markings have the shape of permanent self-adhesive labels with the proper symbols and inscriptions.

Graffiti is a self-adhesive and paper label printing shop that has been operating since 2001. We have a modern machinery park that allowed us to become experts in screen printing. We print labels for the house appliances, consumer electronics and automotive industries. We offer printing directly on products or packaging. We also provide high-quality products for companies representing other industry areas. Browse our offer and trust the Graffiti experts!