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Warehouse organization and logistic processes

Logistic labels

One of our products most frequently used in transport and shipping companies are logistic labels. Among others, they are attached on cartons, pallets. They easily facilitate the company’s business by reducing the risk of mistakes. Logistic labels most often contain the following information: product name, quantity, production date or manufacturing batch number.

Marking of pallets and containers

Marking of pallets and containers will help you in organizing work on the manufacturing line or at a warehouse. This will allow for easy identification of the contents of each container. Printed bar code numbers will facilitate this. This solution is well suited for boxes or reusable objects.

Marking of shelves and racks

Markings on shelves and racks will assist you in warehouse management and controlling the available assets. Find the necessary products without difficulty thanks to numeric or bar code marking. Marking of shelves and racks may include self-adhesive labels. They have outstanding durability and readability.

Info labels

The main purpose of information labels is to convey information. They may facilitate the work of your team and control the flow of materials. Info labels will also be useful as temporary markings. You may use them on cartons or parcels.


OHS markings

OHS markings will let you improve the efficiency of your logistic processes. They are useful in warehouses, manufacturing halls or offices. We offer OHS markings, including evacuation signs, prohibition and mandatory signs. They are in the form of self-adhesive labels, which provide a good alternative for metal plates.