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Information leaflets

Information leaflets printed with Graffiti

Information leaflets are among the most popular products that give companies plenty of opportunities also in terms of marketing. We will provide prints tailored to your needs, distribution channel and financial capacity. Professionally printed stand out with their durability and high quality. We also offer our customers prints with additional enrichment.


Our offer for the electronics, house appliances and the automotive industry. We provide a comprehensive service and deliver high-quality products legible for the end consumer. Information leaflet printing can include descriptive or textual content or take the form of pictograms. Our goal is to provide documents that will clearly convey crucial information.


Information leaflets will prove useful in the automotive industry to provide information such as how to fold the seat or adjust the headrest. Documents created for the consumer electronics and household appliances industries cover topics such as device or appliance installation, most vital maintenance information. We offer printing of information leaflets in various languages. They can be in the form of folded prints.

Having your information leaflets printed with Graffiti ensures the following:
  • information leaflet printed in the form of single-sided or folded pages,
  • digital and offset printing,
  • manual inserts in various languages,
  • information leaflets with additional enrichment elements.

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