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Organizing office and administration work

Address labels

Address labels are self-adhesive labels that facilitate office and administration work. They will help you efficiently address letters, packages or courier shipments. No need to enter data manually. You can just print on address labels.

Inventory labels

Inventory labels facilitate the periodical inventory process. They allow for seamless marking of fixed assets, such as manufacturing machines, devices and office equipment or car fleet. Self-adhesive inventory labels facilitate installation and a printed inventory number will speed up asset registration.

Info labels

Info labels can be used to mark rooms, entry doors or cabinets. They will help you keep your office in order and ensure proper space management. Information plates will help the employees navigate around the office.

Marking of shelves and racks

Marking of shelves and racks is perfect for archives and warehouses. Every label contains a shelving unit number and a bar code that facilitates locating specific documents. A strong adhesive ensures durability, while high quality print ensures readability.

OHS markings

OHS markings are necessary in every office space. These include prohibition signs, mandatory signs, warning signs, danger signs or information dedicated to specific workstations. OHS markings can also be used in corridors or warehouses.