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Laboratory labels – good laboratory organization

Laboratory labels for bags containing chemicals

Laboratory labels for bags with blood, plasma or other substances are designed according to the applicable standards and ISBT standard. They have an outstanding resistance to high and low temperatures, as well as weather conditions. They will allow you to organize laboratory work properly.

Identification labels for vials and test tubes

Identification labels for vials and test tubes will let you identify the material collected from patients. They may be marked with bar codes, allowing for quick identification and matching the material to a patient. Laboratory labels are distinguished by their good adhesiveness and resistance to damage.

Marking of shelves and racks

Marking of shelves and racks can help you find the location of test tubes, equipment and documentation. You will be able to keep any laboratory in good order. Markings for shelves and racks have particularly strong adhesive, resistant to various temperatures, humidity levels and chemicals.

Laboratory inventory labels

Laboratory inventory labels facilitate periodic stock-taking. They are used for marking fixed assets and company property. Laboratory labels are distinguished by several years of durability and having a strong adhesive that does not detach even in contact with chemicals.


OHS markings

Laboratory OHS markings include: non-standard prohibition signs, warning symbols and regular fire escape route signs. Use them to make sure that your laboratory and employees are safe and have an orderly working environment.

Address labels

Address labels speed up recurring laboratory tasks. They will allow to quickly address letters and parcels containing samples to be tested. The address label may be filled in automatically during printing. This will save you some precious time and reduce the risk of a mistake.