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Household appliances and consumer electronics

Control panels of household appliances and consumer electronics

Control panels should first of all provide aesthetics and functionality. They allow the user to control electronic and household appliances. This means that Graffiti control panels are distinguished by the highest quality, which allows for easy reading of data such as uptime, temperature or the program.

Front panels for household appliances and consumer electronics

These are among the most important elements of household appliances and consumer electronics in terms of usability. They provide information on the available washing programs, temperature in the fridge and other information facilitating operation of the device. That is why precise and readable printing of pictograms, text and graphics is so important. Front panels also feature good aesthetics, as they are one of the most visible components of household appliances.

Membrane panels

Membrane panels are distinguished by their aesthetics and simplicity of assembly. Consequently, they are used in the majority of household appliances and consumer electronics as the operator panel. It allows the user to interact with the device. Membrane panels consist of a couple of layers, are thin and resistant to external conditions.

Operation manuals

An operation manual features information necessary for the user regarding interactions with the device. It also specifies maintenance principles, as well as the procedures in the event of failure or damage. Each operator’s manual should be resistant to external conditions and readable. This allows the user to consult it whenever necessary and receive the required information. These criteria are fulfilled by operator’s manuals printed by Graffiti.

Warranty cards

We print a wide range of guarantee cards in various formats and colors. We prepare the necessary documents for the users of household appliances and consumer electronics in the form of sewn brochures or standards cards.

Information leaflets

Information leaflets include all documents that go into the boxes with household appliances and consumer electronics. They accompany fridges, washing machines, freezers and TV sets, to name just a few. They provide the end user with the necessary information on how to deal with failure or maintenance.

Product labels

Product labels appear on consumer electronics and household appliances and allow to identify the purchased device based on its manufacturer, product name, logo, model, date of manufacture or serial number. The product label incorporates a bar code and the entire label is resistant to both high and low temperatures. They are also provided with special protection against external conditions.

Info labels

Info labels accompany TV sets, computers and household appliances. Their purpose is to inform about the installation method, configuration or the correct manner of connecting the TV set. It usually contains text or pictograms.

Energy labels

Etykiety energetyczne to obowiązkowe oznakowanie unijne, które pojawia się na wszystkich urządzeniach elektrycznych. Ich celem jest zwiększenie świadomości klientów na temat zużycia energii elektrycznej konkretnego produktu.

Identification labels

Identification labels include the manufacturing lot or batch number. They may also include a bar code or QR code. They are also resistant to weather conditions and damage. We also guarantee durable print, which is particularly crucial for household appliances and consumer electronics.


Marketing labels

Marketing labels are typically colorful and eye-catching. Their purpose is to distinguish the product from its competitors. Consequently, marketing labels present the product’s technical parameters. Marketing labels may also contain a QR code. Additionally, they are resistant to damage and weather conditions.