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Industries and applications of screen print

Modern control panels from Graffiti are found in many bathrooms and kitchens. They are components of household appliances and consumer electronics, such as: laptops, computers, fridges, washing machines, dishwashers or dryers. Our clients receive household appliance control panels that are resistant to external conditions, made with attention to detail and readable. This is why so many manufacturers use our control panels.

Labels and markings from Graffiti also appear in warehouses. They allow for good organization of transportation and identification of the stored products. They are perfect for large production halls, allowing to keep them in good order and appropriate management of the quality system.

Graffiti labels and markings are also used in laboratories. Identification labels facilitate identification of samples, which facilitates the work of research scientists and lab technicians. However in order to be effective, they must fulfil detailed requirements connected with resistance to external conditions.

The administration department needs appropriate organization and fulfilment of the standards determined by the applicable law. Legal requirements include stocktaking rules and OHS provisions. Inventory labels, address labels, information labels, markings of shelves and racks, as well as OHS markings, are perfect for the office.

The pharmaceutical industry requires great precision and aesthetics. Design of the packaging and the corresponding label is important. Appropriate markings must also fulfil strict legal requirements. Graffiti will help you balance durability, resistance and an eye-catching design.