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Machine and device markings

Machine and device markings from Graffiti

Machine and device markings have a broad range of applications in various industries. They can be found in manufacturing halls, warehouses and offices. They come in different shapes and sizes. Markings are selected based on the company’s individual needs. However, each of them needs to be readable and resistant to damage. Our offer includes solutions meeting these criteria.


Importantly, machine and device markings largely depend on the nature of the business or industry. However, they share one common goal – to provide clear and readable information. Therefore we use high-quality print for all labels. Machine and device markings are self-adhesive and have the required symbol printed on them. Additional marking of manufacturing cells will facilitate their identification during processes taking place at your company.


Our range of machine and device markings will be useful, among others, as descriptions of switches, buttons, light signaling or switchgears. They provide a good alternative for plastic or metal signs.

Graffiti offers:
  • marking of equipment and machines according to the applicable law,
  • possibility to choose any color,
  • guaranteed durability.

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