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Address labels

Self-adhesive address labels from Graffiti

Companies and organizations who face the challenge of sending many shipments in a short time may introduce address labels. Such labels facilitate repetitive work performed by employees of administration or logistic companies. Our self-adhesive address labels will help you make work more efficient and maintain high aesthetic standards in your correspondence.


Address labels for letters and envelopes will help spare your precious time. Using them, you will avoid having to address your parcels manually. We will manufacture address labels for your printer, significantly reducing the time required for preparing letters and packages. You can choose the format and transparent or white printing. Self-adhesive address labels for letters and envelopes will be useful in offices and administration. They will provide the essential recipient or sender information.

We manufacture self-adhesive address labels for letters and envelopes using thermal transfer printer paper. If you opt for this solution, you will gain:
  • the possibility to avoid mistakes in addresses;
  • easier work and shorter time of performing repetitive tasks;
  • legible address labels in thermal transfer print.

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