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Front panels and control panels

Control panels

Control panels can be found in all electronic devices and electrotech appliances. They appear, i.a. on consumer electronics, household appliances or automotive equipment. They allow to control devices. Control panel printing requires the appropriate precision, as it should both meet esthetic and utility criteria.

Front panels

Front panels are made of self-adhesive materials that stand out through their high durability. This is especially vital, as this component is the interface for everyday appliances or industrial devices. A front panel is the first element that a user encounters. That is why high-quality print and durable materials are so crucial.

Membrane panels

Membrane panels or basic version control panels. These devices do not contain movable components. We can customize membrane panel printing to match the customer’s needs in terms of shape and color. Some components can also be painted with a mat paint or have additional enrichments. Modern membrane panel printing also allows to include stampings and bulgings.